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PETFON 2 GPS Smart Pet Tracker
You can track 3 dogs
Pet Tracker for 1-3 pets with 1 Controller +3 Tracker.No monthly fee,Real time tracking.Activity Monitoring.
PETFON is a high-end fashion brand belonging to UBISIGHT company that focuses on the research and development of wearable technologies for pets.
Our goal is to provide next-generation products that keep your pets safer, happier, healthier and more comfortable to interact with your family. We will continuously bring new technologies to our wearable products. UBISIGHT is based in New Jersey.

Petfon Smart Tracker

With GPS & our proprietary wireless technology, Petfon enables real-time pet tracking on your smart phone.

Just strap the tracker to your dog’s collar in the morning, and it’ll bring you peace of mind for the whole day.
Freely set virtual Geo-fences, and you’ll get an alert once your pet runs out of the pre-set range, and the tracker will play customizable ringtones to call back your pet.

Love Letters

“You can easily track your dog’s location via mobile app. I no longer need to worry about Sylvie getting lost. You can also check your dog’s daily physical activity record and keep track of its exercise log.”


“The tracker is very small and light. Edeka doesn’t resist wearing it. Besides, it looks great on her. You can track your dog’s location anytime without using a cellphone card.”



Daily Exercise So Important to Dogs
Help my dog’s physical growth
We need to take dog out for a walk every day
Proper outdoor activities make dogs happy