Pets Entering“Smart Home Era”

Pets Entering“Smart Home Era”

Johnny MAY6 ,2019

Nowadays, more and more people are starting to raise pets, but people are busy working during weekdays, often out travelling or partying on weekends and holidays, so many cats and dogs have become "empty nest pets". As technology advances, people are no longer satisfied with "pets alive", but "pets happy". First comes the tech solutions for pets eating and drinking, then comes high-tech products to play with pets. Let us take a look at these high-tech products!

Auto-Feed Machine

The machine needs to be fully automatic, linked a smart phone, and can automatically feed up to four times a day. If you want to add a meal to your pet, you can make additional feed. The automatic feeder has an HD camera that allows you to observe the pet's activity in real time through your mobile phone.

Robot Balls

Robot ball is more a toy ball. It can jump on its own. After the robot starts, it attracts dogs’ attention through various movements such as shaking and illuminating, and play with dogs. This effectively lets the dogs fully exercise. And the exhausting exercise would eliminate the dogs’ loneliness and make them less likely ruin the furniture or other things at home. In addition to self-starting, we can also control the robot ball to play with the dogs through the corresponding app on the smartphone.

Smart Dog Parking

Smart dog parking employs the popular sharing model, and it connects to the smartphone app wirelessly. If the owner wants to enter a cafe, restaurant or someplace where pets can't enter, he can put the dog in the smart kennel and lock it. When the owner comes out, he can unlock it through the mobile phone and release the dog. Only the owner can unlock with the mobile phone, others can't open it at all, which ensures that the dog is safe when the owner leaves it behind. The smart kennel also has a built-in camera, and the owners can observe their dogs at any time through the mobile phone.

Pet Tracker

What worries pet owners the most? They lose their beloved pets. They would be heartbroken if their pets go lost. So it is very important to have a pet tracker in order to prevent that from happening. The pet tracker can effectively set an electronic fence for the pet. Once the pet leaves the preset electronic fence area, the owner will receive the alarm message from the tracker right away. At that time, the owner can clearly see the location of the pet through the map APP on the smartphone. The tracker updates the position every 2~3 seconds to ensure that the owner knows the pet's position in time so that the pet can be located. The tracker can also record the pet's movement, which can be used to help understand the pet needs and make the pet's exercise plan accordingly. Let these high-tech products liberate the master's hands, and let the pets enjoy the convenience brought by technology.