Top dog breed "Doberman"

op dog breed "Doberman"

Johnny MAY6 ,2019

The Doberman has a super - strong body,and it looks alert and agile.Nevertheless,the Doberman is a typical working dog with excellent ability and performance.Let’ s take a close look at the Doberman’ s life.

The Doberman is a medium - large breed of domestic dog that was originally developed around 1890 by Louis Dobermann, a tax collector from Germany.The Doberman is more intense,muscular,and likes to bite. The dog is currently being trained as a guard dog, a search dog, a shepherd dog, and a hunting dog.The Doberman dog has a high IQ and can help people on many things after rigorous training.It is highly obedient.

The Doberman has short hair, so it needs better care in the cold winter.Otherwise it is easy to catch a cold and fall sick.The owner does not need to comb its short and thick hair routinely, but to ensure the body is clean, it does need some timely clean - up.

Dobermans like an exercise in their lives.They have amazing weight and strength.If the master can meet the needs of exercise, the Doberman will be strong and brave.The owner should also pay special attention to the whereabouts of the dog when walking it.It would be greatly helpful to have a tracker on the Doberman.The PETFON tracker can keep track of the dog real - time.

When the female dog is in estrus, the body and behavior will undergo visible changes.The sign of estrus includes behavioral changes, increased excitability, increased activity, irritability, loud voice, bright eyes, frequent urination, squatting, like to approach male dogs, often riding on other male dogs, etc.Each estrus lasts about 5 to 12 days, with an average of 9 days and sometimes up to 21 days. The pregnancy lasts about 63 days after the successful mating, and it is normal between 56 and 65 days. One week before the expected birth, one should measure the body temperature every morning.The normal body temperature is 37.5~38° C.If more than 1° C suddenly drops the body temperature, then most likely it will give birth within 24 hours. The production process takes 6 - 8 hours.The mother needs to drink water during this period.After the second day of production, it is necessary to check carefully whether the mother has produced all the puppies, and monitor the puppies closely.

The American Doberman is very graceful; while the German Doberman tends to give people a strong and powerful feeling.Character - wise, the American Doberman is a smart and lively partner, and the American Doberman does not like to fight as much as the German Doberman does, plus the American Doberman looks more beautiful, so it’ s more suitable to be a family companion.