About Walking the Dog

About Walking the Dog

Johnny MAY6 ,2019

To be a competent dog master, we need to take the dog out for a walk every day, train the dog to pee outdoors, bathe in the sun, have plenty of room for activities, and even help the fatty dog to lose some weight. Although there are tons of benefits for walking the dog, there are also some problems that comes with it. In particular, we should pay more attention to the following.

1.Regular Walking Time

The time and frequency should be regular. Once In the morning before the breakfast around 7:00-8:00. It helps increase a dog’s appetite to have breakfast after morning exercise. Once after dinner around 10:00-11:00 at night, though it is not the best to go out immediately after dinner. Small dogs to walk for 20 minutes, medium dogs 40-60 minutes are enough, and large dogs can be longer. If it stopped exercise for one day, then the next better walk a little less, and gradually recover to a regular schedule.

2. Walking Dog Safety

When walking the dog, it’s wise to put on the chain on the dog. The dog is likely very sensitive when it just start walking. It likes to stick to the left side of the master. In that case, we should walk a bit slowly. Once get on an open area like a park, then unchain the dog and let it run happily. However, it is necessary to pay close attention as the dog may escape your sight. To prevent the dog from getting lost, you can bring a special pet tracker. I use PETFON. This tracker can track the dog’s location at any time, and you can also set a security zone. Once the dog runs out of the safety zone, you will receive an alert message on your mobile phone. We should try to avoid peak time or busy location if your dog has a relatively strong temper. It would save unnecessary potential troubles. In places with a lot of people, especially those with older people and children, you should chain dogs to avoid intimidating or hurting other people. Especially when the dogs leave the house, they tend to be very excited and want to break loose.

3. Watch Weather while Walking Dogs

In summer, especially some short-nosed dogs, it may get heatstroke when the weather is very hot. Always bring a water bottle for the dog before going out and feed the dog water from time to time. Do not let the dog lie on the ground directly under the sun that could easily cause sunburns. You may take the dog out to play after snow in winter. After you come back, you may find the dog’s feet pretty clean, but you should still wash the dog feet right away because the government often spray salt or other chemical products on the street. You should also be very careful not to let the dog eat snow.

4. Dog “marks” everywhere

Especially the male dog, as soon as he gets outside, he will keep marking. On the grasshopper, on the fire hydrant, it seems that he will never finish “marking.” This is to announce to other dogs: This is my territory! This behavior comes from the dog's power instinct. If the owner thinks that the mark is a dog's nature, and does not do anything about it, then it will cause the dog's power desire to go unchecked. Remember the power desire and obedience are inversely correlated. For dogs, they feel comfortable when they obey the owner. When the dog grows in power, the nerves are constantly in high alert, causing stress. To better train the dog, the master must take control and stop dogs from making marks everywhere. At the same time, it also helps to maintain a good environment and avoid creating troubles for others. One last advice to the dog owners, you have the final say on the dog thing, not the other way around! I hope this article could benefit all dog owners. Thank you!