Petfon controller might got disconnected due to the following reasons,please kindly check which condition meet your current situation. 

1. Petfon APP shut off ------Please always ensure Petfon APP running during use. 

2.Controller power off ------Petfon could keep working for 8 hours, please kindly recharge it when the power is off.

3. Controller far away from the cellphone-------Please always keep Controller close to your cellphone during use (Within 20 yards). Because the controller is connected to your cellphone only via Bluetooth, if it's far away from your cellphone, it would get disconnected.

Please kindly follow these steps to connect it again:

1, Press the voice button and hold it for 8 seconds to turn off the Controller, then press voice button (just a quick hit, not press and hold) to restart the Controller. 

2,Turn off Bluetooth in your cellphone and turn it back on

3,Turn off Petfon APP in your cellphone and turn it back on.

4, Please check it's connection status again (Petfon APP==>Menu==>Devices)