A bad weather or massive obstruction could affect Mesh’s positioning performance.It’s recommended to install Mesh 2m above the ground, and make sure it’s in an open area with no obstructions.Please kindly click “≡”→”Devices”→”Mesh ”, to set up your Mesh.

GPS accuracy

We strongly advise you to visit the Official GPS Website, that clearly explains how the GPS technology works, not only for PETFON but for any other device that features GPS technology (like other GPS dog trackers and smartphones).

Basically, the Official GPS Website states that GPS accuracy depends on the amount of obstacles between the GPS satellites and the device itself. In sum, here are some key points stated in the above-mentioned website that will tell you the GPS accuracy you should expect for different use cases (this information influences the performance of regular Map tracking, Radar, History and GPS fences):

Good GPS accuracy: open outdoor areas (beaches, national parks or urban squares).Bad GPS accuracy: very dense areas (impenetrable forests or very crowded urban environments, with a high amount of obstacles); cloudy weather; the indoor use case is not advisable.