Quickly setup your PETFON by following the short video tutorial below.You'll be ready to use your real-time GPS dog tracker right away!


Please bear in mind that you could only connect your PETFON devices to one single PETFON account. The scheme below might be useful, for you to understand the connection mechanism:

1 smartphone → 1 PETFON account → 1 Controller → up to 3 Trackers.

However, if someone else also need to check your dog's information,you could use the Share feature (Menu ▶ Share) which would allow another person to track your dog's location and activity.


Pair your Controller and Tracker(s)

You just need to pair your Controller and Tracker once. After that, they'll connect automatically everytime you turn them on. Here's how to pair your modules:

  • 1. Make sure your modules are close to your smartphone.
  • 2. Turn on Bluetooth in your smartphone.
  • 3. Open PETFON App,make sure Petfon could access your location,use your camera and send you notifications.
  • 4. If you've just created an account, you would go directly to the binding process; otherwise, App ▶ Menu ▶ Scan.
  • 5. Please kindly scan the controller with your cellphone,after the Controller is found, the app will automatically bind the Controller.The Controller will blink green in this progress.
  • 6. Please scan your first tracker after binding the controller.The PETFON App will automatically bind Tracker and the Tracker will blink green when it’s found.
  • 7. Then you can config the Tracker’s light and voice. You're ready to go!


Pair additional Trackers:

Make sure your Trackers are close to your smartphone.

  • 1. Turn on Bluetooth in your smartphone.
  • 2. Open the PETFON App ▶ Menu ▶ Devices ▶ Add new tracker.
  • 3. After the Tracker is found, the PETFON App will ask you to confirm the binding and the Tracker will blink blue.
  • 4. After you confirm the pairing, the Tracker will blink green. You're ready to go!