The GPS data of the Tracker needs to be updated every 3 days via internet, in order to acquire a position in a faster and accurate way. As it happens with other devices that feature a GPS, PETFON uses the EPO service, which allows the GPS of the Tracker to predict where satellites will be in the sky, reducing GPS acquisition time and increasing the accuracy.
Here's how the Tracker behaves with its GPS data up-to-date and not up-to-date:

  • GPS up-to-date: your Dog's position will be very accurate and refreshed in the Map every 10 seconds.
  • GPS not up-to-date: your dog's position may lack some GPS accuracy and it can take up to 3 minutes to acquire a valid coordinate.
In case you're in a walk:
  • Connected to the internet - the GPS update will run in background every 3 days. You don't need to do anything and your experience won't be interrupted!
  • Not connected to the internet - you'll get a message in the Map screen every 3 days, asking you to connect your smartphone to the internet and to get close to the Tracker, in order to update its GPS data.