At-Home Cooling IPL Hair Removal Permanent Laser Hair Removal 999900 Flashes for Facial Legs Arms Whole Body Treatment T10 PRO

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  • PERMANENT IPL HAIR REMOVAL:  What you get from this device is permanent results. The IPL hair removal device uses advanced technology to break the cycle of hair regrowth.After the concentrated design of professional equipment in beauty salons you can simply get it done at home.
  • MODERN COLING IPL TECHNOLOGY:  The safest, fastest and most efficient IPL technology. Permanent hair reduction in just 8 weeks.Flexible and convenient ergonomic design with one touch to auto-flash mode brings you the smoothest and fastest operating experience. Full-body hair removal as fast as 15 minutes. Gentle, Painless, permanent hair removal.
  • 9 ADJUSTABLE ENERGY LEVELS:  After 3-4 treatments, there will be a visible effect of hair reduction and hair grows slowly, in most cases, up to 94% of hair reduction after 7- 8 treatments. The higher the energy level the better the hair removal effect, please start from low to high.
  • THREE MODELS HR - SR - AC: After the adapter is connected, the screen of the machine displaysthe off default HR mode. In this interface, you can briefly press the touch key to cycle in the three modes HR - SR - AC. 
    Press and hold the touch button for 4 seconds to start the machine;When the machine is started, the ice deposition function is turned on by default;lf the ice deposition function needs to be turned off, long press the touchbutton for 2 seconds after starting the machine, and the snowflake symbolon the display screen disappears, indicating that the ice depositionfunction is turned off;
    lf the ice pack function needs to be turned on again after the ice pack functionis turned off, press and hold for 4 seconds to turn it off.Press and hold for 4 seconds to turn it on again, and the ice pack will be turnedon by default.
  • WARNING/POWER SUPPLY: 100-240V, 50-60Hz, <48W, (1)Due to high voltage circuits inside the product, please do not disassemble it without permission from manufacturer(2)Please do not cover the vent during use(3)Keep away from water or moisture(4)Never use the device if the plug or power cord is damaged(5)Never use the device in a flammable and explosive environment

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