Petfon 6L Automatic Pet Dispenser with camera

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  • Automatic, remote and scheduled Feeding: With just a smartphone and a stable WiFi, you can remotely feed your pets from anywhere and anytime. You can set scheduled feeding time and limited quantity to ensure your buddies enjoy a healthy diet
  • Smart and customizable voice - This feeder will allow you to record your voice which you can play while calling your pets to enjoy their mealtime. A familiar voice can also make pets who are left alone feel safe and cared for.The built-in camera helps you keep track of your pet's food intake, it could also take screenshot for the sweet moments which make you feel he is right next to you.
  • Large capacity and rationing supplying :This 6L automatic pet feeder is capable of consistently providing food for your cats and dogs smoothly for a couple of days.(Dry food only). Your pet will enjoy a regular, moderate and healthy diet, and you will be able to sleep, work and travel freely without worrying about feeding.
  • User friendly App and steady power supply: You can check the feeding records through the APP to ensure that food is distributed on time. The automatic pet feeder has a dual power supply(AC + D-Cell batteries). Even if the power unexpectedly goes out, it can continue to work using 3 D-Cell batteries (Batteries not included).
  • Easy to clean and maintain: You could also put a replaceable moisture-proof desiccant bag in the lid to keep your pet's kibble fresh and dry, while the feeder locking mechanism ensures they cannot open the lid to sneak any extra kibble. BPA-free plastic cover and bowl, all components detachable which could be easily cleaned or even replaced in case they are damaged by the dogs.(Desiccant bag not included, please purchase it separately.)

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