PETFON consists of two modules, Controller is carried by the owner, and Tracker is attached to the dog.

  • 1. Please always ensure your Petfon APP working in the background.
  • 2. Please make sure your controller close to your cellphone(within 20 yards) to ensure a good connection.
    The controller is connected to our cellphone via Bluetooth,while Bluetooth has an transmission limit of 20 yards. When we are using controller far away from the cellphone, they would get disconnected and the whole system would break down.
  • 3. Check your dog’s location in Petfon APP.
Petfon uses LoRa and Bluetooth technology, when your dog is not far away from your cellphone (within 20 yards), it would be connected to the system by Bluetooth, in this condition, tracker would share your cellphone's location, the map would only show an rough location of her and says 'Nearby’. While, when dog run out of Bluetooth range (20 yards), LoRa would be activated, your dog would be positioned directly by GPS, the map would show a much more precise location of her.