• 1. Charge the charging box till it's fully charged. Charging box is also a small power bank which could store a total power capacity of 2600mAh, the indicator embedded in the charging box would blink blue light when it's charging, after fully charged, the light would switch into solid blue.
  • 2. After fully charged, unplug the charging box and put tracker into the charging box.
  • 3. Check the light color the tracker is flashing:
    Blinking blue means it's charging. When it's fully charged, it would switch into green light, the green light would keep lighting on for 5 seconds and then go out. If no light comes on, please kindly keep charging it for another 10 minutes and see if it would blink blue light later, please contact us if the light never comes up. Generally, when we are charging the controller and tracker directly by charging box, it would take us 3 hours to get them fully charged. While, when we plug it to a power supply, the charging time would be increased to 4-5 hours. And also, please make sure the power supply is standard 5v, if the charging plug is not standard and the voltage does not reach the claimed 5v, the devices would not be able to get charged at all.